Eight million adult Australians struggle with reading and writing.

Future-BOOKZ is a library of books designed to assist people improve their reading and writing skills.
The books are designed to be highly engaging for older readers.
Learning Activities provided in each chapter are geared towards Stage 3 of the Australian Curriculum: English.

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Adults of any age who wish to improve their literacy skills can benefit from a Future-BOOKZ.

Additional books can be written for specific purposes where a training package is required for a business, government agency or any other audience. We can also incorporate an audited assessment component using our Assessify protocols.

Australian literacy in 2012 for ages 15–64 years was 43.2% of males and 43.9% of females with literacy competency at skill level 2 or under.
Level 3 is regarded as the minimum required for individuals to meet the complex demands of everyday life and work in the emerging knowledge-based economy. In spite of record spending by all Australian governments that position is getting worse every year. (Australian Bureau of Statistics 2012)


The purpose of the Future-BOOKZ library is to assist people to move up to Stage 3 skill for reading and writing.  A range of titles are being developed for a number of interest areas to motivate readers to improve their literacy. 

A mentor is a person who helps a student work through a Future-BOOKZ.